Our Services

Equities Trading

Our primary business is providing access to the Nigerian Capital Market on behalf of the investing public for the purchase and sales of shares of companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange.

We pride ourselves on our track record of providing exceptional trading services to our clients, including guiding them with information on market trends and share performance which help our clients make informed investment decisions.

Debt (Bonds) Trading

FGN Savings Bond serves as an alternative investment vehicle for investors for a fixed term. As a Distributing Agent, Citi Investment acts to ensure the client’s information including subscription forms and funds are collated and submitted to the government-appointed stockbroker within the offer period so that the bonds can be issued to the client accordingly.

We also trade corporate bonds on the Nigerian Exchange on behalf of our clients.

Broker to Primary Issues

Citi Investment Capital Limited acts together with other principal parties to facilitate primary issues on the Exchange.

Investment Benefits Audit

We assist our clients in discovering, reconciling, and recovering their equity-related assets for any listed companies in the Nigerian Capital Market. We call this “Investment Benefit Management”. This is a process whereby we verify our clients’ portfolio composition, and bring to light the history of corporate actions (dividends and share bonuses) that have accrued to them whether in one company or several.

Receiving Agent on Primary Issues

Citi Investment Capital Limited acts as receiving agents for primary issues.

Offshore Equities

Invest in offshore equities through our Digital sub-broker, Chaka.