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  • Equities Trading
    Our primary business is providing access to the Nigerian Capital Market by the investing public for the purchasing and selling shares of companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange.
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  • Broker to Primary Issues
    Citi Investment Capital Limited acts together with other principal parties to facilitate primary issues on the Exchange.
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  • Portfolio Management
    Business planning focuses on issues specific to business owners and shareholders. For business owners, the business is their most significant asset.
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Joint Stockbrokers to Osun State 60 billion Naira Debt Issuance program & 22.15 billion Naira Series 1 Bond

Joint Stockbrokers to Crusader Nigeria PLC 13 billion Naira Hybrid offer

Joint Stockbrokers to GT Assur (now Mansard Insurance PLC) Listing by Introduction

Joint Stockbrokers to the Oyo State 50 billion Naira Bond Issuance Program

Stockbroker to I H S Nigeria PLC special placing of 2,791,454,545 redeemable/convertible preference shares

Share portfolio audit and recovery services (Investment Benefit Management). Successfully recovered benefits (share certificates and dividend warrants) worth hundreds of millions

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